Owner Financing 101


TheNoteDepotAre you thinking about selling your property and provide owner financing to the buyer? Confused about the process and all the requirements? Look no more because THE NOTE DEPOT has all the owner financing resources, the knowledge, and the experience to get your property SOLD and FUNDED. Have the convenience and ease of collecting your money in a fast, efficient way knowing THE NOTE DEPOT will handle all the details. We are an independent, third party for real estate contract servicing.

Here is a partial list of services we provide:

  1. Real Estate transaction closing (does not include title policy)
  2. Documents prepared and reviewed by our legal department
  3. Customized servicing agreements for individual seller loan servicing or large contract collections.
  4. Payment coupons
  5. Disbursements
  6. Yearly payment history reports
  7. Payoff statements and document holding service
  8. Automatic assessment of late fees

Loan servicing fees are SIMPLE

Fee Type Price
Set up Fee * $99.00
Monthly Fee $24.99
1st disbursement
2nd disbursement
* Note: Fees vary for full PITI servicing and there are multiple loan discounts. Email us to info@eredonline.com or call (956)581-4333 for a quote on your loan servicing needs.